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Bob Nadkarni of Rio

His name is Bob Nadkarni and he is one rad dude. Have you had a gun put to your head for videotaping corrupt cops? Have you taken your neighborhood back from ruthless drug dealers and lawless kids w/submachine guns? Didn't think so. This man has. Bob Nadkarni told FUTURE his story by phone conference last Sunday. (Check out part of that transcribed conversation later in this post.) Bob spent his early years going to fine arts school and working for Stanley Kubrick on '2001 Space Odyssey', later going abroad as a foreign correspondent for NBC and the BBC. During his many adventures he discovered and relocated to a favela in Rio. After battling local drug dealers and crooked cops for years, Bob liberated his favela (brazialian shanty town...have you seen 'City of Men'?) from the clutches of warring drug runners and made his neighborhood a safer, better place to live. Now running a beautiful hotel and art studio, Bob says the surrounding hills in the favela are following his lead, "They know that it is possible because we showed it can be done." We told you Bob was an amazing guy. Read a little of FUTURE's interview with Bob below...

FTR: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

BN: I'm English. My father was Indian but I was a blond, blue eyed boy. I majored in Fine Arts for a little bit and then left to work on Stanley Kubrick's '2001 Space Odyssey'. I married a girl from art school who became famous and we spent the next several years not seeing each other.

FTR: How did you end up in Brazil?

BN: After my 1st marriage I got on a ship which accidently stopped in Brazil. This was when i first fell in love with Brazil but I was kicked out by the military. I knew the only way to get back in was as an international journalist so I went back in 1974 as a war correspondent for NBC television...which is when I first discovered the favela. I left for a while but returned after leaving Beirut in '82.

FTR: One of the incredible parts of this story is your battle with the local drug dealers and crooked cops to make the favela a safe place to live. What went down with all this?

BN: The drug dealers were in control when I moved in to make a home for myself. I was determined to get rid of the drug element which I believe destroy the best parts of our world. It wasn't just the drug dealers and the kids w/ submachine guns, the cops were crooked too. I had to film them in the act and threaten to send it to the BBC. I played the BBC journalist angle strongly to my advantage. There were times when they had a gun to my head and I said go ahead shoot me but your life will be over I'm a BBC journalist. Being connected to the British government was a massive card I had to play and these guys were cowards..I was never hurt. After time I convinced the local Rio S.W.A.T. to set up shop in the area and eventually we pushed the drug element out of the area entirely. The area is much better now, businesses can move in, there is a ballet studio that just opened up and the chief of police has tea at my hotel once a week. We have really made this a better place where people can live in safety and begin to prosper.

FTR: Its incredible what you have done and very cool Bob. Now you have an awesome hotel where people can come stay in the favela. Sounds like a lot of fun. Do you miss England?

BN: I always said I was born in the wrong country. I miss the Indian food in England but now I can make my own Indian food so I'm fine. My wife is here and my children. We just had Jazz night which was a lot of fun. I'm working on my paintings and life is really good.

Check out Bob's website here. You can see photos of his place and make reservations to stay with him and his crew in Rio. The name of the hotel is The Maze. It looks like an amazing place to hang out. Let's go down and stay forever.

CLICK HERE for The Maze website.

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OLPC-One Laptop Per Child


Mission One

Mission One is changing the future of motorcycles. Visit their website here for more.

Tokyo Pictures #1

Here are some random pictures from Tokyo. I think from the first day. Click each picture and a bigger one should pop out. And yes...Tokyo is the future.

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If you like the 80s then you've got to know about TNUC. A true guru of the 80s and lover of everything to love about this decade, TNUC is an absolute must for rare 80 flicks, great jams, and everything in between.

TNUC sat down with FUTURE to answer a few question and shed some light on the mystery that is TNUC.

FTR: Who are you?

TNUC: I'm just a dude that knows what's best in life; To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!

FTR: What is TNUC?

TNUC: Do you know in movies when they show that steam, or mist, rising from the gutters in alley-ways, in the night of the city? That is TNUC.

FTR: Where is TNUC headed?

TNUC: Expect new video projects very soon. Also, I just stumbled on a lost box of the ENTIRE 1985 TNUC Summer Line. I can't wait to bring these goods to the streets...TNUC bathrobes, shoulder-pads, blazers, etc. We're also working on TNUC rubbers, if you're into rubbers. Oh yeah, and i'm working on bringing Quaaludes back on the scene! Hope someone remembers these...they were an infamous pill-popper in the 1980's. In other words, TNUC is set for WORLD DOMINATION. Oh, If you need to be schooled on Quaaludes, I suggest renting Motley Crue's VH1 BEHIND THE MUSIC.

FTR: It's obvious you're inspired by 80s film. Give us two obscure favorites that most people miss and should check out.

TNUC: Oh boy. Only two?! THE KEEP (1983) A really bizarre and atmospheric Michal Mann flick from our favorite decade. It's about this fortress that holds an evil spirit. It's a really stylish horror movie. You have to be in a certain state of mind to watch this film. The score, from pioneers Tangerine Dream, is equally as great as the movie. Plus, the movie has loads and loads of fog and mist, which can do no wrong. HEAVENLY BODIES (1984) This 80's leotard-obsessed dance epic is something everyone needs to see before they leave this globe. I thought Rocky IV had the most montage ever, little did I know that Heavenly Bodies made Rocky IV look like a Matthew Mcconaughey movie. What a douche that guy is. But seriously, when I say montage, I mean PURE MONTAGE, little talking whatsoever. GO FIND IT!

FTR: Does TNUC make music?

TNUC: Not at the moment!

FTR: You should definitely do a blog. is that a plan for the future?

TNUC: Funny you should ask that. UNCLETNUC.BLOGSPOT.COM

FTR: Who would win in a fight between TNUC and Kurtwood Smith (Clarence J. Boddicker) from Robocop.

TNUC: Kurtwood Smith would be a handfull to deal with, but once TNUC borrowed Lincoln Hawk's big-rig, Kurt would be crushed.

FTR: You have a lot of cool images and graphics. Do you design them?

TNUC: The TNUC logo's i've designed myself, but some of the other images are borrowed from movies/music that inspires.

FTR: Who are your favorite music groups right now?

TNUC: Dave Matthews Band, Fall Out Boy, Plain White T's. KIDDING. Right now all i've been listening to is this L.A.- based glam band called STEEL PANTHER. I've lived in Los Angeles for a little under a year, and we've seen their show at least 25 times. They play raunchy, glammed-out, party rock from the golden era. As for electronic music, of course i'm loving what the VALERIE guys are doing. Great songs are always coming out of their little corner in France.

FTR: If you could be one character from 80s cinema for 24 hrs. who would you pick.

TNUC: Probably Johnny Laurence. Leading the Kobra Kai, ripping up and down the beach on a red Yamaha dirt bike, sweeping legs, scoring the foxiest babe at Valley High, smashing girl's boom-boxs' on the beach, and lastly, crushing Daniel Larusso's face & self-esteem!

FTR: Favorite 80s horror flick...

TNUC: Call it generic, but i'm going with The Lost Boys. Such a stylish flick. I remember being around 10 years old and buying the soundtrack at the mall, the women at the counter made a face i'll never forget.

Here is a video clip of some of TNUC's stylings... CLICK HERE to check out the TNUC blog.

STAMOS, SEDUCED. from TNUC on Vimeo.

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Madness in Bloom

Madness in Bloom (Japanese Cinema)

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This film was rad...

We never say this. This documentary was great. Thought it was going to be boring. Wrong. Totally wrong. The name of the film is "The Garden". If you don't know the story you should. A little group of farmers in south central L.A. grow food on a little plot of land. They battle political corruption, police, and a greedy land owner to keep their means of survival alive. A beautiful engaging story. The filmmaker, Scott Hamilton Kennedy, was kind enough to sit down for a little video capture. Check it out and the trailer for the film.

CLICK HERE for the trailer.

CLICK HERE to become a fan of "The Garden" on Facebook.

CLICK HERE to find out more about "The South Central Farmers" and where you can pick up their produce.

In the clip below Scott talks a little bit about how they captured the footage for the film...

New Vintage for Summer

Click image for close up of shirt. CLICK HERE for the rest of the summer vintage.

For the rest...CLICK HERE.

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The Future of Gaming

from Danna...

Manhunter, Michael Mann & Red 7 "Heartbeat"

The way Michael Mann shoots is smooth. Very smooth.

and this song...

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KillSilva Mixtape

FUTURE's first summer mixtape #1. Download it. Listen to it. Love it.

CLICK HERE to download mixtape tracks.

1. The Cool Kids - Delivery
2. Rubissey - Speedway
3. Moonrats - Blue, White, and Red
4. Modeselektor - The White Flash
5. Misfits - Cough Cool