Saturday, October 24, 2009

Space & Solace

FTR: Who are you?
TL: Tamara Lichtenstein!

FTR: Where are you from?
TL: I was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.. but I live in Houston now.

FTR: Space or Ocean?
TL: Space.

FTR: Speed or Solace?
TL: Solace

FTR: A dream you had recently?
TL: I was best friends with Britney Spears, and she taught me how to dance really well. Totally random.

FTR: Are the feelings that come through your work an accident?
TL: Different people probably feel differently than I when they look at my work. I always try to make my photos as soft, an sensual as possible; not really an accident.

FTR: What is coming up for you that you are excited about?
TL: Christmas! Hopefully i'll get some more vintage film cameras!

FTR: Do you believe in ghosts?
TL: Sometimes. I believe in Aliens..

FTR: Would you rather have a huge house and be alone or..... a small cabin in the woods with two of your best friends but one of them can't feel her legs?
TL: This question is awkward, but I'd rather be alone in a huge house. Most of the time I'm alone anyways.

FTR: Did you fall into taking photos or seek it out?
TL: Both! Mostly seek it out though, because I like shooting everyday.

FTR: Fuck, Marry, Kill and why for each? Grace Slick, River Phoenix if he was 80 years old, 1990s John Travolta?
TL: 1990s John Trovolta- Marry Grace Slick- Fuck River Phoenix- Kill

FTR: What's the secret to life?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Punch My Face!

Adele Austin told us about We Are Lucky which you need to check out. We Are Lucky is where we found this urban madness!

-visit Language of Street. BLog! Flickr!.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Crystal

Picture Update: Yes cell pictures suck!

Where are you on the gross out meter?

Emily's handmade cards

Someone found Will's older brother.

Photos by Podutro

Here is a sneak from a photographer we like. Stay tuned for a little feature.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Akutou! We Love You!

This feature has been long overdue. Ladies and Gents! From France... Akutou!

FTR: Tell us a little bit about yourself...
AKU: My name is Thomas, I'm 26 and I live in France. I have been a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for almost 3 years now under the name AKUTOU. I eat a lot of pizzas, I play a lot to video games and I spend way too much time on the internet.

AKU: Where did you get your smooth style?
FTR: I stole it from other people.

FTR: We just went to Tokyo. It was awesome. It looks like that style culture comes through in your work. Have you been there and what are your favorite part of the culture?
AKU: I dont know how much my work is inspired by the japanese culture, because I dont really take a look at what I do (except right when I'm doing it of course). Maybe that's a bad thing, I dont know. But if you think that's true, I take it as a compliment because everything I can think of when it comes to Japan is basically very cool. Fantasy, cute girls and sweet food.

FTR: Does Akutou make music?
AKU: Not at all. I wish I was able to make some kick ass electro pop beats. But I dont know crap about music making. I tried a while back, man it was horrible! The only way I could make music would be to upload my brain to a computer and extract the sounds directly from it. Not gonna happen. So I make playlists instead. The great news is that we're lucky enough with all the cool music out there online.

FTR: What jams are you into right now?
AKU: The latest tracks I've been listening to on repeat are the following:

CFCF - You Hear Colour
Matthew Dear - Deserter
Jeremy Jay - Love Everlasting
La Roux - In For The Kill (The Twelves Remix)
Cavaliers Of Fun - Secret Galaxies

I came accross No_MooN few days ago, they remind me of New Young Pony Club. Check out Niji on their myspace, really cool. That Palm Summer EP you posted few days ago is quite sweet as well. That's the kind of stuff I like.

FTR: What is coming up next for Akutou?
AKU: In the near future I'll be producing artworks for a few myspace artists, making EP covers and whatnot. I'll try to get some new tees made and find shops for the illustration I have in stock. There are a few other stuff but it's too early to talk about them. Then after all that, I dont know. I dont really make plans, but hopefully plenty of cool projects in the following months.

FTR: Are you involved with a collective?
AKU: I've done a few collabs with other artists but I'm mostly doing things on my own. I like it that way even tho sometimes it makes me lazy to work alone. It should be cool to be part of collective. You know, a cool design studio, sharing ideas with people, try to come up with fresh things and work together as a team... I'd like to try it but you have to be in the right place, where you belong. When it comes to art, I'm guessing chemistry is a key in a group.

FTR: Is Akutou coming to the states?
AKU: Eventually. I might visit a designer friend in Seattle by the end of the year. You dont get to meet a lot of new faces when you're a freelance punk with clients all around the globe.

FTR: If you could travel into space for recreation would you be into it?
AKU:Yeah, and the soundtrack to my trip will be one song on repeat, Haze by Alan Braxe.

See more AKUTOU! Visit Akutou's blog Hey Kids!

Stay tuned for some rad Akutou t''shirts brought to you by FUTURE. We hope to have other customized Akutou gear really soon.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Short and Sweet with Emily from FAQ Magazine!

FTR: When did you start this thing called FAQ magazine?
EMLY: 2005. I realized I had a talent for getting people I met in bars, etc. to tell me really personal stories, like when they lost their virginity or when they first got high. I did some great interviews back then that I never published, like one with these punk teenagers I met on the G train - it was hilarious but about 30 pages long and I wasn't sure anyone would read it. I gave up for a couple years, then got back into it cos so many people I knew in Brooklyn were making great music, or doing other cool things. I thought it would be special for people to read these intimate portraits, because usually all you get are snarky little pitchforky blurbs.

FTR: Oceans or lakes?
EMLY: River Phoenix!

FTR: Who is FAQ Magazine?
EMLY: Pretty much just me, Emily. My boyfriend Matt, who takes some of the photos, designed the site and built it originally. It was really beautiful but kind of like the equivalent of a website held together by Scotch tape and cardboard. Then his mom, who does some new-agey web design, fixed it and taught me how to maintain it. Also my friend Sam Fleischner takes great photos.

FTR: Where are yoooooooou?
EMLY: Bed-Stuy, in Brooklyn.

FTR: What's coming up for you guys?
EMLY: A new interview with Quinn Walker of Suckers is up now, Jemina Pearl (pictured above) is coming soon, and many more. I recorded a cab ride I took with Pete Kember (Sonic Boom) where he was kind of interviewing/interrogating the Bangladeshi cabdriver and we all got lost in Bushwick, and have been wanting to do something with the audio from that and photos to switch things up a bit.

I wish I could update more. Right now it's kind of like a boutique-y site with new interviews every few weeks or whenever I can find the time. Anyone who wants a heads up should just email me at the address on the site and I'll put you on the mailing list!

Thx Emily! Visit FAQ!

girls photo by Matt Asti.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adele Austin

We like Adele. Here is a little bit about her and some of her photos!

FTR: Who?
AA: My name is Adèle Austin and I'm a 19 year old girl. I was born in Haiti, I've grown up in and out of Brooklyn, and now I live in London. "Officially" though, I'm from Brooklyn.

FTR: Seriously, serious question. Tell us how you see the world in 2000 years.
AA: I don't see much changing, apart from people's values and morals, I do sense unique cultures will disappear though, so much merging nowadays.

FTR:Favorite music blog:
AA: I really like Hyperbole.

FTR: Your photography is rad. How did this start?
AA: I've actually hadn't been into it about a year ago. I used to go around to gigs and taken photos of bands with a really legit looking point-and-shoot, security would give me a hard time for it, so I bailed it and fell into disposables (cheap and simple!), from there you could imply I 'took it seriously'.

FTR: Tell us a dream you had recently:
AA: The last dream I had, that I can remember, was Taraji P. Henson and Biggie Smalls groping on a bed, with streetview windows whilst I was in a corner, kneeling. There's no such thing as a normal dream, is there?

FTR: What are you excited about coming up for you?
AA: I've been working for this magazine called Platform for about eight months now, and that's pretty exciting, I'm happy they've beared with me so long. Me and my friends Kat, and Hemaly are setting up a brand spanking new online zine which we're pretty excited about. Other than that, school's making life very unappealing.

FTR: Favorite city to visit:
AA: My mom and I stumbled on this city called Eze, in the South of France two years ago while on Google Earth. They have a permanent population of about 16. I've promised myself I wouldn't die without going there.

FTR: Other photographers you are stoked on?
AA: This is the part where I awkwardly name-drop, eh. I love seedy film photographers, Nathaniel Sexton, Joe Skilton, Tamara Lichtenstein, Jack Siegel, and Michael Otero. I know none of them, and they're the coolest kids I wish I were. There are dozens of teens who run their own photography zines, like Matt Martin (We Are Lucky), and they expose the wealth of young talent out there. Teens these days are doing so much, and way more than they ever did 20 years ago, it's insane!

Too see more of Adele's work visit her FLICKR!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009