Thursday, July 30, 2009

3 Films ep. II

It's that time again. Three films to watch from us to you.

P.S. If you have trouble finding these or can't rent them anywhere email us and we'll sort it out for you. That's how much we care.

Yea Yea.. people say the follow up was weak but the set design in the journey through hell part is worth the price of admission alone. And the gear...come on!

What's not to like about 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer'. Babes, a pissed off road kill victim, and that scary scare. Scary movies are the best.

We shouldn't have to say anything about this one. "Your move creep!"

Fresh from GANG ON TAPE

Ready for some new tunes and some fresh bands. From GANG ON TAPE, our friend is Sevilla, Spain comes some more niceness. Check it out.

GOLD PANDA - Back Home from NO-FACE Films on Vimeo.

Fan Death

Poison Ivy

She'll steal your dad and murder your mom 'cause what Ivy wants...Ivy gets.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our New Store?? (keep those fingers crossed)

We met with Mitch and Jeff today. They were really cool. Here are some pictures of our potential new store space. Its on Sunset just past The Echo. Great spot and everyone seems really great.

New Store?? from FUTURE on Vimeo.

Hanna Hanna Bo Banna

We've already shared how much we like Name the Pet's music...but let's be real she also dresses cool. No matter where we see her, in one of her videos or her myspace photos, this babe just has the best style. Wishing more girls could be like this.

Name The Pet - Sunshine [Official Video]

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Babes of the Month

Maybe last month it was Tokyo...maybe next month its Tokyo...but this month its Scandinavia. These girls are rad and so steezy. Let's quit everything and buy a ticket across the ocean. It makes you think crazy thoughts about how their ancestors were axe-wielding, fierce dudes like Erik the Red and how they would roam the seas bashing up other tribes and discovering far off lands...and that somehow lead to these gorgeous treasures just hanging out on the other side of the Atlantic.

You Never Had Any Fun

We found this cool video on a daydreamin' blog called Tangerine Umbrellas On an Indigo Day. be sure to watch everything in HD by clicking the small icon on the bottom right.

FUTURE/Tangerine Umbrellas On an Indigo Day

New T-shirts from Kitsune

The Kitsuné x Petit Bateau Tee shirt is taking on some color!
The new green edition will be available for men and women
from august 4th in selected stores in Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Milan, Munich ...

Friday, July 24, 2009


from Gang on Tape

Here you have a video at Glastonbury 2008. This is how they used to finish their set:

Gang On Tape

Thursday, July 23, 2009

For the girls...

Hey girls! Check out this blog. One part sun-kissed Califonia, two parts girl running wild

Latest TOP looks from across the globe

We are trying out a new feature. Our intern finds the latest top looks from the top blogs in London, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo, France, the States, Singapore, Manila... basically everywhere within the last 48 hrs. The problem is we think he might suck at it.

Introducing Gang on Tape

We are pleased to introduce a new contributor for FUTURE. GANG ON TAPE is from Sevilla, Spain and will be making weekly contributions to the FUTURE blog.

Hi People!

Here we go with my first contribution. I'm currently into The Invisible's stuff among others. So I'd like to share with you the arty "London Girl" video of this talented London-based band. The track is part of their eponymous debut album, released last march in UK.



3 Films to Watch

Every so often we pick three films in a theme to check out. This time our theme is fucked up, teen rebellion flicks from yesterday.

One of our favorites. If you haven't seen it go get it. The ending is great. Oh yea and the soundtrack too.

This is from an old German film called CHRISTIANE F. Girl is bored, she meets boy, they start doing heroin and the story rolls on. Bowie is all over the soundtrack, the shots of urban Germany are dope, and there are a few cool surprises.

What happens when a classmate murders their friend? And Ione Skye is a babe.

Fat Boys, COOL C, UTFO

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Peter, Bjorn and John-It Don't Move Me


You ever play GTA? Well here is the twist...FLASH FM has come alive. We'll let you discover the rest. Read our interview w/Franklean (one of the FLASH FM guys) and check the links. Be ready to download...

FTR: Who are you? What are you?

FRKLN: We're five fresh geeks from France & Canada. Nothing more, nothing less!

FTR: This FLASH FM thing is a cool idea. Where did it come from?

FRKLN: If you know Vice City, then you also know Flash FM is in charge of coolness. I like the other radio stations too but I just love the mood here, even more in the VCS game, two brainless hot chicks with no pride being bitchy...Perfect 10 right? So I just talked to some friends who could speak proper English and who already knew the game.

FTR: Is this a fresh project or what?

FRKLN: I was thinking about it since 2007 and more seriously in 2008 when I started the writing. In 2008-2009 we recorded in Paris, Montreal and finally Cannes where it was mixed. I contacted Akutou for the Graphic part and here it is!!...We like to take our time...

FTR: So what exactly is FLASH FM?

FRKLN: It's just like in the GTA games: A 1 hour radio station with new hosts, commercials and the coolest playlist! There are 2 versions to download:The 26 tracks cd or the one-shot cd for gamers. To make a short story long, it's 1989 and the Flash FM team is getting concerned about what happens next. So one dude decides to make a retrospective of the best 80's pop songs like it's gonna make him forget the 90's are coming...

FTR: What's is coming up for FLASH FM is the FUTURE?

FRKLN: Well Flash FM is not complete yet, there's an alternative soundtrack/compilation coming on free download in a few weeks! But nothing else is planned right now. We all have projects of our own. Different things should be coming later...But not related to Flash FM. I guess we'll see how it goes.

Here is the link to FLASH FM's MySpace. You can find all the downloads there you'll ever need.

Monday, July 20, 2009

TNUC's DeLorean Post

Recently TNUC posted a most excellent feature on all that is DeLorean. From the rise and fall of the car's creator to the intrigue and mystery that surrounds the car can discover it right now, right here------> Another gem from UncleTNUC.

Ma Mere

Four years ago we saw this movie and thought we'd never be the same. For some reason today it popped into the youtube bar. NetFlix this movie or whatever... Its beautiful, and unique, and strangely sexy, and french, and really good...never seen anything like it.

White on Rice

WHITE ON RICE Official Website
Jimmy (Hiroshi Watanabe, LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA) loves dinosaurs and sleeps on the top bunk. Unfortunately, Jimmy is 40, and shares the bunk bed with Bob, his 10-year-old nephew.


Last week we did a post on the MAGIC KIDS. Then we hear about GIRLS from our friend Hayley (Girl is Poor) and we find out these bands are friends. Its seems that things are getter better, they're getting better all the time...

Listen to GIRLS.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Magic Kids

If The Beach Boys married mermaids and their kids grew up, moved to Memphis and started a band...this is what it would sound like.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Check out Aeschleah's photos!! They are beautiful, and sexy, and ... We chose from her early/middle stuff ('cause that's what we do) but please viddy all of them.

FTR: Tell us...about you?

ASCLH: When I’m not taking photos… I’m either looking at photos, people watching at the park with a bottle of champagne, bartending, becoming increasingly skilled in the kitchen, Netflixing HBO series’ with my boy, planning my next foreign adventure or lurking out on the internet. Oh, and I was born in a small, Northern California town called Twain Harte, moved the LA for high school and back up to San Francisco for college. I’ve been here for 7 years.

FTR: How did you get into photography?

ASCLH: It was my Dad’s hobby when I was little. I was too young to pick it up by the time he moved onto refurbishing war radios and memorabilia, but it definitely left an impression on me. By the time I took a photo class in high school; I was hooked. My teacher took me under his wing and helped me apply to art schools. I had to choose between Otis, the Art Institute of Chicago, Brooks or the San Francisco Art Institute. I chose SF.

FTR: You’re really into taking pictures of people. Are these your friends and what else are you into photographing?

ASCLH: I mostly photograph friends, my boyfriend and myself. It’s all so comfortable and available to me. It’s become habitual. Since graduating, I’ve been shooting more and more models. Fashion photography is what I’m most passionate about. Conceptual-fashion photography. I have a couple personal projects in the making. One of which is with a friend I went to high school with (Jessica Domino). It’s called The Alphabet Project. I sent her a word that started with the letter “A”, she returned a photo about the word along with a new word that started with the letter “B”. We’re on “J” and plan to finish the project by 2010. We’re really excited about it. It’s getting better every letter.

FTR: What other artistic things are you into beside photography?

ASCLH: I really like to make clothes. Or alter clothes. It’s sort of a hazard dating me because if I can’t find something to wear, I’ll resort to my boyfriends wardrobe to make an outfit. I’ve recently started to love cooking. AND I’m about to be a ripping bassist in a rock and roll band!

FTR: What are you listening to right now? What's your favorite band right now?

ASCLH: It’s always something new. Led Zeppelin and Fugazi are my all-time favorite bands. But Vampire Weekend seems to be the popular choice this week. I get really happy when I listen to them. I seem to coincide what I listen to with my emotions. When I’m sad, I listen to depressing music and feel sorry for myself like a little baby.

FTR: Is there a place you haven't seen yet that you really want to visit?

ASCLH: My next destination is South East Asia. I’ve been to Thailand and Cambodia already, so I’d really love to see Indonesia. Malaysia and the Philippines look amazing too. I’d be happy anywhere on that side of the planet. It’s literally tropical paradise over there. As well as photo heaven.

FTR: What's your favorite city to get crazy in?

ASCLH: I’d have to say LA. Maybe because that’s where I went to high school and my crazy teenage-self resurfaces while I’m there? I have some really fun friends there too.

FTR:: What's next for you...what's coming up that you are really stoked about?

ASCLH: What tomorrow brings. Life. Things seem to be working themselves out and I can’t complain. I was planning the move to NYC but I’ve recently fallen back in love with San Francisco and I couldn’t be more stoked to have things happening for me in this amazing city.

FTR: If you could travel into space would you?

ASCLH: FUCK YES! I am so infatuated with space and physics and life elsewhere.