Monday, August 31, 2009

Loki Cinema


My name is Amory Papavero, I'm 23 years old, I skate since 7 years and make videos since 1 year. I live in Montpellier, in the South of France, I'm a PhD student in Materials Chemistry but I hope one day I could live of my video work.
For now I shoot and make skate videos mostly for popular Skateshop ( but some of my footages are used in different skate videos.
Like most of skate filmers, I shoot with a Sony Vx2100 with a Century UltraFisheye and edit video with Premiere Pro and After Effect.
Actually I shoot for the full lenght Popular Skateshop video "Holyshit" and for a personnal video called (like the movie) "Bright Lights Big City". So I shoot principally with the Popular Crew (Julien Merour, Popi Dahmani, Fabien Zuffo...) but somme footages will appear in their sponsor video (Gravis, Analog, Adidas, Trauma...).


-loki cinema

Rodelyne Et Les Lions

this link is better quality and bigger picture but the embed link was disabled..Don't Click!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Marley Kate

She takes rad photographs and we like her. Check out our quick interview Marley Kate. Thanks Marley!

FTR: Jimmy Page or Keith Richards?

MK: Keith Richards.

FTR: Favorite movie?

MK: Badlands, a Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

FTR: Favorite animal and three reasons why?

MK: puppies, they're adorable, cuddly and make me smile!

FTR: How did you get into photography?

MK: I've been taking photos since I can remember, it was always something I felt very strongly about.

FTR: What else are into...

MK: Fashion, traveling, hanging out and having fun

FTR: How do you get your magic, dreamy quality?

MK: I'm always experimenting with colors and lighting, i really just mess around until it makes me feel right. My parents saved so many of their photos from the 60s and 70s, its where i get a lot of my inspiration from.

FTR: Where do you live?

MK:I grew up in Brooklyn, I live in the east village now.

FTR: do you like to photograph other subject matter besides peeps?

MK: Not really.

FTR: Would you travel into space if you could?

MK: hells no! I'm hate flying and am scared of heights

-visit Marley Kate

Young Replicant

There are all kinds of video collectives and then there is Young Replicant. And while their style is sharply brewing they already posses the unique distinction of the video!

Young Replicant is Alex Takacs, Joe Nankin, Adam Kauper, Jackson Seidenberg and James Eads. We're a production company and design collective.

Young Replicant is all over Los Angeles- most of them a bit east of mid city.

Young Replicant's favorite body of water is the liquid brain ocean in Solaris. It reads minds, looks like melted ice cream, and can bring russian babes back from the dead.

Young Replicant's unifying philosophy is "love conquers all, I guess."

Young Replicant is inspired by post-apocalyptic survival, artificial intelligence, Ridley and Tony Scott, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, the brothers Quay, Encyclopedia Pictura, epic romance, staring into the abyss, archetypal mythology, and girls.

Young Replicant is currently groovin' on Tim Hecker, Lukid, Lone and the new Bibio album. Reoccurring old favorites include Destroyer's This Night, and Feel Good Lost by Broken Social Scene.

Young Replicant is currently rolling with a Panasonic P2 and 35mm adapter.

Young Replicant thinks space travel sounds like a surreal mind-blow/panic attack waiting to happen. Definitely worth it.

Young Replicant is currently working on a video for Somewhere Else, an LA based hip-hop/ rock hybrid. Stay on the lookout for another M83 video as well.

Young Replicant thinks "Both are great, but Zeppelin had Bonham."

Joy Division forever

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RDJ still in our brains...

We are back from RDJ. Everything they say about it is true. We escaped robbery and murder twice that we know of, danced the nights away with beautiful girls, and found our way through the dark favelas night after night.

photos by Pony Sanford