Tuesday, July 21, 2009


You ever play GTA? Well here is the twist...FLASH FM has come alive. We'll let you discover the rest. Read our interview w/Franklean (one of the FLASH FM guys) and check the links. Be ready to download...

FTR: Who are you? What are you?

FRKLN: We're five fresh geeks from France & Canada. Nothing more, nothing less!

FTR: This FLASH FM thing is a cool idea. Where did it come from?

FRKLN: If you know Vice City, then you also know Flash FM is in charge of coolness. I like the other radio stations too but I just love the mood here, even more in the VCS game, two brainless hot chicks with no pride being bitchy...Perfect 10 right? So I just talked to some friends who could speak proper English and who already knew the game.

FTR: Is this a fresh project or what?

FRKLN: I was thinking about it since 2007 and more seriously in 2008 when I started the writing. In 2008-2009 we recorded in Paris, Montreal and finally Cannes where it was mixed. I contacted Akutou for the Graphic part and here it is!!...We like to take our time...

FTR: So what exactly is FLASH FM?

FRKLN: It's just like in the GTA games: A 1 hour radio station with new hosts, commercials and the coolest playlist! There are 2 versions to download:The 26 tracks cd or the one-shot cd for gamers. To make a short story long, it's 1989 and the Flash FM team is getting concerned about what happens next. So one dude decides to make a retrospective of the best 80's pop songs like it's gonna make him forget the 90's are coming...

FTR: What's is coming up for FLASH FM is the FUTURE?

FRKLN: Well Flash FM is not complete yet, there's an alternative soundtrack/compilation coming on free download in a few weeks! But nothing else is planned right now. We all have projects of our own. Different things should be coming later...But not related to Flash FM. I guess we'll see how it goes.

Here is the link to FLASH FM's MySpace. You can find all the downloads there you'll ever need.