Monday, May 11, 2009

The Asteriods Galaxy Tour

Her name is Mette, her band is The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and they're from Copenhagen, Denmark. FUTURE had a few questions for Mette about her band and when they'll be back in L.A. The interview was done over myspace(weak)... Next time holgraphic conference!

1)Who makes up the band?
Me (Mette) and Lars. We make the music and are the main core of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. When we play live we bring some good friends from Denmark. They play Sax, Trompet, Drums, Guitar and everyone plays the piano sometimes!! We se it as a kind of Collective, One Big Collage.

2) How long have you been together?
We started recording and hanging out on Lars' small balcony getting the vibe of our galaxy down on sound and visuals about two years ago, the band have been with us for one and a half.

3) What's your favorite place you have played?
We have played so many great places and shitty places!!! As long as we have good food, Ice cold beers and a lot of people having a good time it's the best!!

4) How many albums have you released?
Our first album "Fruit" will be released in september 2009, so that makes it one.

5) What does T.A.G.T. have coming up that you guys are really excited about.
Tour in Europe, Our first time in a big sleeper bus - Yeah, Album release, tour in US again..lot more tour and adventure then holiday he he - reload.

6) Tell us a little bit about the song writing process and your influences.
Mostley Lars writes scetches and then I ad my ideas, we are inspired by many different genres such as Soul, hiphop, jazz, pop, funk... Marvin Gaye, Billie holiday, Beck, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, The Beatles, James Brown...we love horns and a dusty sound.

7) When can we expect T.A.G.T. back in Los Angeles.
Hopefully very soon...we will be back after album release in september deffinately :-), We love LA, Mjalloooo !!

Click here for a link to their myspace.
Thx Mette. You're amazing! See you in Sept.

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