Thursday, May 21, 2009

Name the Pet

This girl is a babe and her music is jumpin'. Hanna is from Scandinavia and makes music under the name "Name the Pet". Hear the music here.
Even better watch this video. 

Who is Name the Pet?

NTP: A little brat who discovered that by putting all of your energy into making music and clubbing you can both cure your anxiety and mend your broken heart.

FTR: Tell us a little bit about how the project started.

NTP: I've always been a quite creative person, I was terrible at school and just made stuff all the time instead. As a 15 year old I was scouted for a jazz school and got into singing. Then I moved to London and started clubbing. I guess the project has sort of been ongoing since I was born, it doesn't really matter what kind of music I make, the influences are always quite visible.

FTR: Do you collaborate with other musicians on the music?

NTP: Yes, I rarely produce my own stuff. Sunshine was produced by Anthony Whiting (produced some M.I.A stuff for Arular), he produced a few tracks for the album, I also work with The Sound of Arrows a lot and some other nice people.

FTR: We thought the video for "Get on the Bus" was fantastic. The cinematography, the color schemes, and the editing were really dope. Can you tell us a little bit about the director(s) and what it was like making it?

NTP: The directors are wicked people! One of them is called Fredrik Skogkvist, he's a fashion photographer who've I known for like two years now. I don't know what I can tell you without revealing his video making secrets but I can tell you that it took 7 hours to make, the only break we had was a 20 minute lunch break and that I just a week earlier had removed the cast from my broken arm !

FTR: You have great style. What is your favorite place to pick up new clothes?

NTP: My summer house. Everyone in my family dumps their old shirts and jeans there and for me it's just a treasure. The clothes are perfectly worn in and they're all from like the 90's and just suits me perfectly.

FTR: If space travel was affordable would you go?

NTP: No.

FTR: Will you always live in Stockholm, Sweden or do you plan on relocating?

NTP: I work a lot with London people, and I quite often feel a strong need to move back there. I've also reconsidered Paris and NY... so yeah, I guess I plan on moving, I don't like being in the same town for too long, I get bored easily.

FTR: What are your plans for Name the Pet?

NTP: The states.

FTR: Would Name the Pet come to L.A. for a show?

NTP: Definitely. I've heard you got great icecream over there :)