Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Black Light Flash Light

Check out our interview with Ben from Black Light Flash Light. He was kind enough to take some time talk to FUTURE. Check out his music here...

FUTURE: Who is Black Light Flash Light?
Ben: Black Light Flash Light is the project of a 19 year old student. Making music is what keeps me going and I can only hope that my music can bring as much joy as making it brings me.

FUTURE: How do you make your music?
Ben: I make everything with a program called Reason, and most of my sampling is done in Pro Tools.

FUTURE: Is the music created live for the audience or is it pre-programmed loops?
Ben: In the future, I hope to be able to play my music live, and add more of a live feel to my tracks. But for now, it is all preprogrammed.

FUTURE: What inspires you? I hear some 80s film and tv influence in your music.
Ben: I get my inspiration from different emotions. It's interesting for me to hear how my music reflects how I feel at different points in time. I'm trying to add more of a heart to my music in the future.

FUTURE: We hope you come to L.A. Do you plan on touring and playing your music for people?
Ben: As of right now, touring would be difficult because of school, but hopefully if all goes well I will be playing a few shows around my area sometime soon.

FUTURE: Do you have any other creative projects outside of music we should know about?
Ben: I recently decided on creating a new project and just finished one of the first tracks today. I'm going to keep working on new tracks, and I'm going to try to get stuff going by the end of the summer. It's a lot different than my current project. It will definitely reach a different audience. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it, so I'll just let it speak for itself when I release it.

FUTURE: Favorite music groups you are into right now...
Ben: Recently I have been listening to a lot of Flying Lotus, Mr. Oizo, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Royksopp, and Deadmau5. My musical taste has definitely been swaying from electroclash scene, and I'm starting to branch out a lot more, and I can only hope that my music begins to reflect that.

FUTURE: What's next for Black Light Flashlight?
Ben: As of right now, I have a remix coming out on vinyl for Streetlife DJ's which should be out by the end of June. The track is entitled "Yo! Jay" and I'm really excited for the release. Also I plan on releasing a 2 track EP by sometime around september if all goes accordingly. After that, I am still unsure of the future of Black Light Flash Light. I guess I will just wait and see how my new project goes, and we will just go from there.

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