Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adele Austin

We like Adele. Here is a little bit about her and some of her photos!

FTR: Who?
AA: My name is Adèle Austin and I'm a 19 year old girl. I was born in Haiti, I've grown up in and out of Brooklyn, and now I live in London. "Officially" though, I'm from Brooklyn.

FTR: Seriously, serious question. Tell us how you see the world in 2000 years.
AA: I don't see much changing, apart from people's values and morals, I do sense unique cultures will disappear though, so much merging nowadays.

FTR:Favorite music blog:
AA: I really like Hyperbole.

FTR: Your photography is rad. How did this start?
AA: I've actually hadn't been into it about a year ago. I used to go around to gigs and taken photos of bands with a really legit looking point-and-shoot, security would give me a hard time for it, so I bailed it and fell into disposables (cheap and simple!), from there you could imply I 'took it seriously'.

FTR: Tell us a dream you had recently:
AA: The last dream I had, that I can remember, was Taraji P. Henson and Biggie Smalls groping on a bed, with streetview windows whilst I was in a corner, kneeling. There's no such thing as a normal dream, is there?

FTR: What are you excited about coming up for you?
AA: I've been working for this magazine called Platform for about eight months now, and that's pretty exciting, I'm happy they've beared with me so long. Me and my friends Kat, and Hemaly are setting up a brand spanking new online zine which we're pretty excited about. Other than that, school's making life very unappealing.

FTR: Favorite city to visit:
AA: My mom and I stumbled on this city called Eze, in the South of France two years ago while on Google Earth. They have a permanent population of about 16. I've promised myself I wouldn't die without going there.

FTR: Other photographers you are stoked on?
AA: This is the part where I awkwardly name-drop, eh. I love seedy film photographers, Nathaniel Sexton, Joe Skilton, Tamara Lichtenstein, Jack Siegel, and Michael Otero. I know none of them, and they're the coolest kids I wish I were. There are dozens of teens who run their own photography zines, like Matt Martin (We Are Lucky), and they expose the wealth of young talent out there. Teens these days are doing so much, and way more than they ever did 20 years ago, it's insane!

Too see more of Adele's work visit her FLICKR!