Saturday, October 24, 2009

Space & Solace

FTR: Who are you?
TL: Tamara Lichtenstein!

FTR: Where are you from?
TL: I was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.. but I live in Houston now.

FTR: Space or Ocean?
TL: Space.

FTR: Speed or Solace?
TL: Solace

FTR: A dream you had recently?
TL: I was best friends with Britney Spears, and she taught me how to dance really well. Totally random.

FTR: Are the feelings that come through your work an accident?
TL: Different people probably feel differently than I when they look at my work. I always try to make my photos as soft, an sensual as possible; not really an accident.

FTR: What is coming up for you that you are excited about?
TL: Christmas! Hopefully i'll get some more vintage film cameras!

FTR: Do you believe in ghosts?
TL: Sometimes. I believe in Aliens..

FTR: Would you rather have a huge house and be alone or..... a small cabin in the woods with two of your best friends but one of them can't feel her legs?
TL: This question is awkward, but I'd rather be alone in a huge house. Most of the time I'm alone anyways.

FTR: Did you fall into taking photos or seek it out?
TL: Both! Mostly seek it out though, because I like shooting everyday.

FTR: Fuck, Marry, Kill and why for each? Grace Slick, River Phoenix if he was 80 years old, 1990s John Travolta?
TL: 1990s John Trovolta- Marry Grace Slick- Fuck River Phoenix- Kill

FTR: What's the secret to life?