Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Hunger

We love this movie too. David Bowie is killer in it, K Denevue is a regal babe and it has a rad early 1980s, dark elegance. It gets a little slow but there are a couple of crazy surprises and the ending is intense. Plus... you can't beat the aesthetic and styling of this film. Makes us want to build a machine to put us inside old movies.

"psssst...Time to start a FUTURE science R&D project!" In twenty years we'll be living inside our favorite movies from twenty yrs. ago."


this trailer is cool. "the cruel elegance of David Bowie"

the music is beautiful. We think its Schubert's Piano Trio #2 in E Flat Major. If you have the patience watch the whole thing... the shots, pacing and tone are smooth.

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  1. just screened this @ the bev theater this past weekend!