Sunday, August 23, 2009

RDJ still in our brains...

We are back from RDJ. Everything they say about it is true. We escaped robbery and murder twice that we know of, danced the nights away with beautiful girls, and found our way through the dark favelas night after night.

photos by Pony Sanford


  1. Love the pictures in the rain. I love pics from film cameras.


  2. OMG! Why did you go to the favelas?! There are so many pretty places in Brazil to visit... and you go to the most dangerous, dirty and ugly one?! why?! I'm Brazilian and lived many years in Brazil.. I never had corage to go inside one!

    Besides this, the pictures look cool, the blog is amazing! I will start to follow!

    the singular

  3. yes it was crazy and yes it did take courage.

    thx for your kinds words.


  4. These pictures make me totally homesick for Rio, even though I only lived there for a month. Well done.