Sunday, August 30, 2009

Young Replicant

There are all kinds of video collectives and then there is Young Replicant. And while their style is sharply brewing they already posses the unique distinction of the video!

Young Replicant is Alex Takacs, Joe Nankin, Adam Kauper, Jackson Seidenberg and James Eads. We're a production company and design collective.

Young Replicant is all over Los Angeles- most of them a bit east of mid city.

Young Replicant's favorite body of water is the liquid brain ocean in Solaris. It reads minds, looks like melted ice cream, and can bring russian babes back from the dead.

Young Replicant's unifying philosophy is "love conquers all, I guess."

Young Replicant is inspired by post-apocalyptic survival, artificial intelligence, Ridley and Tony Scott, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, the brothers Quay, Encyclopedia Pictura, epic romance, staring into the abyss, archetypal mythology, and girls.

Young Replicant is currently groovin' on Tim Hecker, Lukid, Lone and the new Bibio album. Reoccurring old favorites include Destroyer's This Night, and Feel Good Lost by Broken Social Scene.

Young Replicant is currently rolling with a Panasonic P2 and 35mm adapter.

Young Replicant thinks space travel sounds like a surreal mind-blow/panic attack waiting to happen. Definitely worth it.

Young Replicant is currently working on a video for Somewhere Else, an LA based hip-hop/ rock hybrid. Stay on the lookout for another M83 video as well.

Young Replicant thinks "Both are great, but Zeppelin had Bonham."

Joy Division forever

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