Sunday, August 9, 2009

Newest FUTURE member Pt. I

She takes beautiful photos, has great style...and her most like animal is non non-weird! We're very pleased to have her as the newest FUTURE collective member.

This post we were more into Sharon's photography... some of them are like you're stumbling through the best kind of opium dream and your brain wires are all plugged into different places so you can hear light and see sound and we kind of wish we could live inside the photographs 'cause everything would be better.

Pt.II we'll feature more style pics.

FTR: Where are you from?
ILP: California but i'm ethnically chinese.

FTR: What really inspires you?
ILP: Really fantastic people.

FTR:Would you travel into space?
ILP: Fasho.

FTR: What are your favorite bands right now?
ILP: telepopmusik, flying lotus, the cure, the national..and lil wayne is always good.

FTR: If you could only watch one movie ever again what would it be?
ILP: Probably a chick flick..but i hate rewatching movies.

FTR: Do you play an instrument?
ILP: I did two months of piano and a mandatory three years of french horn for junior high...i sucked at both.

FTR: What animal are you most like?
ILP: This one:


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