Sunday, August 30, 2009

Marley Kate

She takes rad photographs and we like her. Check out our quick interview Marley Kate. Thanks Marley!

FTR: Jimmy Page or Keith Richards?

MK: Keith Richards.

FTR: Favorite movie?

MK: Badlands, a Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

FTR: Favorite animal and three reasons why?

MK: puppies, they're adorable, cuddly and make me smile!

FTR: How did you get into photography?

MK: I've been taking photos since I can remember, it was always something I felt very strongly about.

FTR: What else are into...

MK: Fashion, traveling, hanging out and having fun

FTR: How do you get your magic, dreamy quality?

MK: I'm always experimenting with colors and lighting, i really just mess around until it makes me feel right. My parents saved so many of their photos from the 60s and 70s, its where i get a lot of my inspiration from.

FTR: Where do you live?

MK:I grew up in Brooklyn, I live in the east village now.

FTR: do you like to photograph other subject matter besides peeps?

MK: Not really.

FTR: Would you travel into space if you could?

MK: hells no! I'm hate flying and am scared of heights

-visit Marley Kate


  1. I like her photos!
    xx-LJ from SOS!

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